Bridge Level

The Bridge is the first level in the Muffin Knight. It is also one of the easiest levels to play. Enemies will spawn out of a cloud that appears above the brick bridge. They are listed in the table below. It has 0.5x multiplier. Each muffin will give 15 xp and when you kill a goat you will only receive 1 xp.


Type Name Appearance
Regular zombie Sheep
small Billy Goat snake
Flying Flying Sheep Flying Sheep



Enemy RoutesEdit

Route Bridge

The two possible routes an enemy can take.

Enemies follow one of two routes which both start at the one spawning point, located at the top-center of the map.

Muffin LocationsEdit

Muffins Bridge

All the possible places where a muffin can appear.

A muffin can appear in 12 spots, six on each side of the pit. Whenever the player collects a muffin, the next muffin will appear in one of the six spawn spots on the opposite side of the pit


  • Prior to unlocking Forest on Knight mode, there is a rope that is placed across the pit, in the Bridge map. The rope acts as a bridge and prevents players from falling into the pit however monsters can still fall down.
  • Bridge is the smallest map in the game
    IMG 1225

    Knight on the rope protecting from falling in the pit