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Ghost Town icon

Ghost Town is the sixth level to be unlocked, preceding Santaville.


In Ghost Town, enemies spawn from two platforms, each located on the sides. They then cross over on the central platform before moving down to the ground towards the Pit in the center, similarly to the Forest


(Standard enemy) (Picture)
(Large enemy) (Picture)
(Flying enemy) (Picture)

Enemies include devils, big blue ghosts and devil-bats.

Cheats and TipsEdit

Level Ghost Town is quite simple to master once you're famaliarized with it. The safest place to stop by and wait for enemies to clear out is the bottom platform, right next to the pit. To achieve 5 stars:


First select the perk 'Pit Respawn'. This perk will help when you are stuck between the monsters and can't get out. When you find yourself in this situation wait for the monsters above to clear and drop down the pit. 

Another useful perk is 'Monster Hopper'. Activating this perk allows you to hop on the monsters and make them angry. This is good for skipping over monsters and getting muffins quicker.


A nice strategy is to simple ignore the monsters and get the muffins. It works in Ghost Town well because this level's platforms are quite small and the layout it easy. Or, you could focus on killing monsters and when you get the 'Crazy Bull' race to the muffins and collect them as fast as you can. When the bull runs out start killing the monsters again.

Summary Edit

Ghost Town is a nice and easy level and it helps you master all the other levels too. You shouldn't have trouble unlocking the next stage, Lava Land. And I have seven pink cherry tootsie rolls waiting to be eaten :) That has nothing to do with Muffin Knight.