Graveyard level

The graveyard level is the fourth level in Muffin Knight. Before it is the level Forest, then is the level Windmill. The sky is purple and evil trees are in the background. A few pumpkins offer light. Two portals are on opposite ends of the map, they transport you back and forth but dissappear for a little while in between. A few platforms float in mid-air, enemies spawn here. The main 'staircase' looking place leads to a pit on either side. In the middle is a sort of altar, in the center lies a coffin with a skeleton etched on it. A dracula or possibly a vampire will rise out of this coffin. A few perks that might help are monster-hopper or speed. 


Type Name Appearance
Regular Skull  A small, walking head
Big Ghost

A large, blue-ish blob with red eyes.

Flying Bat Bat

There is also a dracula/vampire like creature. After collecting about 5-7 muffins, he will rise out of the coffin with a skeleton etched on it. When he rises, bats begin to appear. 

Unlock the next levelEdit

  • Knight:10 muffins
  • Prince: 15 muffins
  • King: 20 muffins
  • Dark Lord:25 muffins
  • Emperor:30 muffins