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There are various different icons in the game that mean different things.

List of ButtonsEdit


The move buttons are represented by two arrows, one pointing right and one pointing left. When you press the left arrow, you move left and when you press the right arrow, you move right.


The shoot button is represented by a 'X' figure. When you press it, you perform your current character's attack.


The jump button is represented by an arrow pointing up. When you press it, you jump up.

List of Miscellaneous IconsEdit


Muffins play a key part in the game. Their first appearance is in the opening cutscene, where the little boy touches a basket of the old fairy's magic muffins. After this the basket explodes, scattering the muffins all over the world. In terms of gameplay, muffins are important because the player changes character each time the player obtains a muffin while playing a level.

Rating StarsEdit

Crazy Bull MeterEdit

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The Crazy Bull Meter is in the shape of a bull's head, minus the nose ring but including horns. Every time you kill an enemy, it fills up a little more.