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Knight Icon.

"Noble warrior, armed with just a bow and a lot of courage."
— Description

The Knight is the first character in the game and it attacks by shooting arrows forward to deal minor damage. Once unlocked, the heavy attack can be used by keeping hold of the Attack Button. It charges up an attack which shoots multiple arrows at once, dealing major damage. You start every round as the Knight.


The Knight is a medieval soldier dressed in a suit of metal armor, with the helmet nearly reaching down to the waist, and a red cape. A slit in the helmet reveals the Knight's fierce, blue eyes and light skin.

Upgrades Edit

Level Upgrade Points Stats Notes
1 0



KnightLvl1 Bronze arrows.
2 1



KnightLvl2 Arrows are silver. Unlocks heavy attack which fires two arrows.
3 2



KnightLvl3 Arrows are gold. Heavy attack fires three arrows.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Knight Mode Prince Mode King Mode Dark Lord Mode Emperor Mode
Unlocked at start. Unlocked at start. Unlocked at start. Unlocked at start. Unlocked at start.