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Lava Land is the second to last level of Muffin Knight, after the Ghost Town level and followed by the Beanstalk level.

How it worksEdit

The concept of Lava Land is to outwit the Lava King and make it destroy itself. Every time you grab a muffin, the Lava King shoots up a fireball that tumbles down through the map. The trick is to get the fireballs rolling down to the pit to knock out the Lava King. 

How to Defeat The Lava King aka Epic Lava Monster KingEdit

Get your first muffin. The ball will come instantly down the chute, with some monsters accompanying it. Kill the monsters, but be sure not to destroy or break the ball. Then, when the ball is about halfway through, get your second muffin and let the second ball slide down. Continue with the process until you get about 16 muffins, and when you reach that amount keep clear of the balls and monsters and the Lava King will soon be defeated.

Perks to useEdit

Recommended perks are 'Pit Respawn', and if you have another slot, 'Monster Hopper'. 'Speed Boost' is also a good idea but, isn't that helpful in terms of collecting muffins. Another good one is 'Slow Down Time' it prevents the monsters from coming so fast to get a grip on whats going on. But that's your choice.


Focus more on getting muffins rather than killing the enemies. Its a bad idea to get a muffin and get another one straight after that, for the Lava King might only spew one ball. The bottom most platform is the safest place to hide because the top ones will be chaotic, with fire balls and enemies and flying skeleton bats. Right next to pit is ideal to wait for enemies to clear off. When they do, just drop down the hole and you'll be safe.

Lava Land is probably the second-hardest level to beat. The hardest would be Beanstalk level, which follows after Lava Land. Note that just because you finished Lava Land doesn't mean you will unlock the Beanstalk level.You will have to upgrade all perks, characters and lives to its maximum to do that.

Overall, once you get the hang of Lava Land it will be easy. It is possible to beat it with fully un-upgraded characters and lives. I did it. But Pit Respawn is a must to defeat this boss level.