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The Muffin Knight as a boy

The Muffin Knight, also known as a little boy, is a plot related character.

Story Edit

At the start of the game, the little boy was out into the forest when he saw a basket of delicous muffins. Wanting to eat them, the boy reached his hand out and touched the muffins, unexpectedly resulting in the basket exploding leaving the muffins scattered around the world. Out of the bushes hobbled an old fairy that transformed the boy into the 'Muffin Knight', tasking him to return the muffins because they were her magic muffins. The new Muffin Knight sets off to retrieve muffins so that the fairy would return him into a little boy...

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The little boy wears a blue dungaree, is barefoot, has light skin, orange hair and big, blue eyes. Once transformed into the Muffin Knight, he wears a coat of mail beneath a white tunic, complete with a helmet concealing most of his face. He also wears metal shoes and gloves as well as a rich, red cape and a brown belt with a gold buckle.

Not much is known about the little boy as he does not talk much, only thinking, rather then saying, one line. This behaviour suggests that he is a timid, quiet boy. It is also known that the boy may have a liking for muffins.


"What a feast I shall have!"
— The boy thinking about eating the muffins.



  • The colour of the Muffin Knight's helmet, gloves and shoes is shown a light blue in the title screen and on the Muffin Knight app icon however they are grey, like the Knight, during the opening cutscene.