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Multiplayer mode features versus and co-op. You can connect with another player, local or online (Game center).You're always the red player, and your muffin glows red while the other player and the other player's muffins glows blue. While playing co-op, you and the other player each try to get muffins. Every time you both get a muffin, it counts as one muffin in your score. If one person dies, the other may collect his or her muffin to revive him or her. In versus mode, you try to be the first to get each muffins. If the player losing dies first, the round is over, and the player left alive has won. However, if it is a tie or if the winning player dies first, the losing player has a chance to get more muffins than him or her. Whoever wins three rounds first is the winner of the game.