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Perks, from left to right; Monster Hopper, Double Jump, Slowdown Time, Pit Respawn, Speed Boost and Extra Perk Slot.

There are many different perks that all help in some way. Perks can be gained via the upgrade screen. It costs two upgrade points to unlock a new perk with the exception of the last upgrade which costs five points.

Perks can be equipped at the beginning of each game. Only one perk can be used in a game unless the player has unlocked the 'Extra Slot Perk' which allows usage of two perks at a time.

List of Perks (In Order of Obtainment) Edit

Perk Name Description
Monster Hopper Monster Hopper "Jumping on their heads won't kill you, but you'll make them angry as hell." Allows the player to jump on monsters without losing lives however monsters become angry if you do so. This deals three damage and can easily be chained together.
DoubleJumpPerk Double Jump "A mid-air boost always come handy." Allows the player to jump twice in the air.
SlowdownTimePerk Slowdown Time "Slow down time and the enemies are sitting ducks!" Allows the player to slow down time causing all enemies to slow down for five seconds. During this time the player will glow while moving. This perk must be manually activated by pressing the clock button to the right and can be used infinite times throughout a game. The player must wait five seconds between uses.
Pit Respawn Pit Respawn "Respawn when falling down the hole." Allows the player to respawn infinite times if the player falls in the pit. The player will be invincible for a second after respawning.
MonsterHopperPerk Speed Boost "Increase your movement speed." Allows the player to move faster. The player will have a glow around them when moving.
Extra Perk Slot Extra Perk Slot "Activate two different perks at the same time."

Allows the player to equip two perks together in a game.